The warranty period of the convector and accessorize is:

  • powder coated galvanized steel casing – 10 years;
  • fiberglass corps (for the first time in Ukraine) – 50 years;
  • corps of technical stainless steel (for dry rooms) – 2 years;
  • stainless steel corps – 25 years;
  • copper-aluminum heat-exchanger – 10 years;
  • tangential fan – 5 years;
  • shut-off valves – 2 years;
  • transformer of tangential fans – 5 years;
  • temperature regulator – 5 years;
  • thermostatic set – 5 years;
  • oak hardwood grates – 1 year;
  • aluminum grates – 5 years.

The warranty is valid provided that the equipment is installed in accordance with the applicable SNiP, DBN, as well as the instructions and installation instructions, which must be performed exclusively by specialists who are licensed to carry out plumbing and electrical work.

The warranty loses force in case:

  • wrong editing or starting-up and adjustment works;
  • non-use of mounting straps during installation;
  • bringing by the user of structural changes in good;
  • wrong exploitation, careless appeal;
  • load-transfer damages;
  • uses of off-grate or incongruous awaiting parts, expense/material; connections of equipment to communications and systems falling short of ANSI, AESC, to the requirements of ISO, IEC, BUREAU of TECHNICAL SUPERVISION;
  • natural phenomena, natural calamities, fires, etc. entailing death or spoilage of heating device;
  • hits in good of extraneous objects, substances, liquids, animals, etc.

The producer does not carry responsibility for the harm caused because of the clumsy handling good or violation of external environments.