Warranty and service from producer

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    Production with a guarantee

    The warranty on the Fancoil convector is 10 years

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    We always provide consultations if there are questions regarding the selection, installation and connection of convectors

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    Warranty and service

    Fancoil-Service will solve any difficulties with the convector.

To offer you a comprehensive solution, we combine the production of convectors and their service

Concealed installation, condensate control efficiency and operational safety are the undisputed advantages of floor convectors.

They can be achieved only with a professional approach in the selection of convectors, as well as their installation, taking into account the technical characteristics of the object.


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Useful about convectors

Features of floor convectors

  • Concealed installation. The aesthetically pleasing solution in a room with panoramic windows, because the only visible element is a decorative grille that can be made for every taste.
  • Thermal curtain. Convectors are efficient due to their location at floor level, where convection collects cold air. Evenly heating it, convectors create a thermal curtain, so the windows stop fogging.
  • Heating. Convectors can be not only a heat curtain, but also an independent source of heat – it is enough to increase its power thanks to tangential fans and additional heat exchangers.
  • Safety. The surface of its heat exchanger is not heated above 40°C, which eliminates the possibility of burns. Additional guards are used for fans to protect against injury, and the convector itself is under a protective grille that can be sealed and fixed.