• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Height:
    175 mm
  • Width:
    150 mm
  • Fan:
  • Heat exchanger:
    2-pipe, 1/2"
  • Housing:
    galvanized steel
  • Assembling:

9,971.5 ₴

Thermal power of the FCN convector 150x175x1000

1000 mm329 W585 W
1250 mm445 W792 W
1500 mm560 W996 W
1750 mm656 W1167 W
2000 mm784 W1395 W
2250 mm885 W1575 W
2500 mm977 W1739 W

Features and applications

The FCN 150х175х1000  above-floor convector is mounted above the floor and is a stylish element of the premises. Such models are used where the floor screed does not allow to make a niche in it. At the same time above-floor convectors differ from in-floor only in the case which is not hidden and which consists of legs and a casing.

The FCN 150х175х1000  convector is equipped with the 2-pipe heat exchanger with an internal diameter of a pipe 1/2", and also the longitudinal decorative lattice which is included in a base complete set and is free.

Individualization of above-floor convectors is quite possible and includes a complete set of additional heat exchangers, a tangential fan, different sizes, as well as configurations. In particular, it is possible to make a corner above-floor convector in the integral case.

Height 175 mm
Width 150 mm
Fan no
Heat exchanger 2-pipe, 1/2"
Housing galvanized steel
Assembling floor

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