Production services

Having our own production of floor convectors, we can offer you services for individual production. It is not possible to take into account all the features of such an order on the site, so you need to contact the manager. He will ask you questions about your object, its technical characteristics and features and will offer a convector just for you.

We can do for you:

  • convector body made of other materials: stainless steel and fiberglass;
  • additional heat exchangers;
  • longitudinal decorative lattice;
  • individual sizes of the convector, even multimeter;
  • non-standard convector configuration: radial, angular, trapezoidal or even Z-shaped;
  • paint the body and grille in color according to the RAL palette.

Please note that the individual manufacture of the convector takes time, so the delivery time of such an order can reach 21 working days, depending on the load.

Service center services

In recent years, we have been developing the direction of customer service. Knowing the features of our products, we can quickly solve any problem related to the failure of the convector. That is why we insist that the convector be installed by specialists from our Fancoil-Service center.

Fancoil-Service can:

  • perform assembly / disassembly of the convector;
  • perform warranty and service repair / replacement of components;
  • to check the convector before the heating season;
  • reduce noise from the fan if the convector has been installed incorrectly;
  • much more.

You also need to contact the manager to call a service technician. Just leave the feedback form.