1.1. By purchasing a product, leaving a request, you trust us with your personal information. We do everything to ensure its security and at the same time give you the opportunity to manage your data. Please read our Privacy Policy carefully to know what information we collect, for what purposes we use it and how you can change, export or delete it.

1.2. In our store you can buy water heating convectors: in-floor, under-floor, special, as well as accessories for them. If you have any questions regarding the Fancoil Shop Privacy Policy, please contact us by filling out the feedback form in the "Contacts" menu item.

Information controller

2.1. The Fancoil Shop store controls the method and procedure for collecting personal information, and also stores and directly uses the personal data received from the Client. For the purposes of compliance with the Regulations, the Fancoil Shop store is considered an information controller, it is subject to all rights and all obligations provided for by the Regulations for information controllers are imposed on it. You can contact us at any convenient time by filling out the feedback form in the "Contacts" menu item.

The information that Fancoil Shop tore collects your personal data (name, surname, address, phone number, email) for the purpose of further communication to clarify the order and delivery of goods to the address you specified. Your data is stored on the server of the Fancoil Shop store for 1 year from the date of data submission in order to optimize the process of receiving orders and delivery.

If the specified information is not provided, the order and delivery will be impossible. Collecting the above information enables various useful functions, for example, the selection of recommended products on the site. Such information includes: for example – the requests for which you searched the site – views and interactions with content and ads – purchases at any time, you have the right to request that your personal data be deleted. To delete personal data, fill out the feedback form in the "Contacts" menu item. Within 1 week after filling out the form, your personal data will be deleted. 

Shop Fancoil Shop informs that all personal information received from users of the site is stored on a server located in Ukraine. The company guarantees a reliable level of protection when collecting and storing your information using modern security technologies. The received information is not transferred to third countries.