• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Height:
    75-120 mm
  • Width:
    180 mm
  • Fan:
    DC 24V
  • Heat exchanger:
    8-pipe, 1/2"
  • Housing:
    galvanized steel
  • Assembling:

31,705.3 ₴

Thermal power of the TLC FCF.8 convector 180x70-120x1000

70°С / 50°С90°С / 70°С
Air cons.
Power cons.
1000 mm1419 W1712 W155 m3/h6 W
1250 mm
1845 W2227 W155 m3/h
6 W
1500 mm
2347 W2832 W230 m3/h
7 W

Features and applications

A characteristic feature of the TLC FCF.8 180.75-120.1000 convector is the case with variable height in the range from 75 to 120 mm. This solution is a novelty on the Ukrainian market of floor convectors and can greatly simplify the installation process of the device itself. In particular, it is necessary to level the convector at floor level. With the convector-telescope it is enough to align the upper part of the body in accordance with the floor and fix it in this position.

The convector with variable height TLC FCF.8 180.75-120.1000 is equipped with an 8-pipe heat exchanger and a DC 24V fan for better heat output. Also use of this model excludes probability of longitudinal deformation of the case during installation of a cement-concrete coupler of a floor.

The additional complete set of the TLC FCF.8 180.75-120.1000 convector includes the voltage converter, the servodrive and the thermostat. Installation of these elements is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the entire device, and also allows you to conveniently adjust the air temperature.

Height 75-120 mm
Width 180 mm
Fan DC 24V
Heat exchanger 8-pipe, 1/2"
Housing galvanized steel
Assembling floor

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