• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Height:
    175 mm
  • Length:
    1060 mm
  • Width:
    115 mm
  • Fan:
    DC 24V
  • Housing:
    galvanized steel
  • Assembling:
25,437.5 ₴

Features and application of thermal curtain FCF.E

The FCF.E thermal curtain is a household version of curtains which differs in the small sizes, pleasant design and sufficient power. It can be used in two modes:

  • thermal curtain – the device turns on the supply of warm air when opening the door and continues to work for a set time after closing the door, the position of which is determined by a small sensor.
  • heater – when the temperature in the room below the set, the supply of warm air is turned on. If the temperature continues to decrease, the supply of warm air will increase. When the desired temperature is reached, the heating will turn off.

The electric thermal curtain is equipped with a DC 24V fan and 4 heaters, the power of which is 1/2/4/6 kW. Power selection and operation of heating elements (forced mode and power limitation) can be programmed in the settings menu.

The complete set of the FCF.E thermal curtain includes the set of automatic equipment necessary for correct work of the electric device.

Height 175 mm
Length 1060 mm
Width 115 mm
Fan DC 24V
Housing galvanized steel
Assembling wall

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