What is a convector and how does it work?

What is a floor convector and convection?

A convector is a heating device in which heat from a heat carrier, in our case, water, is transferred to the room using convection. What it is? This is the phenomenon of the transfer of thermal energy, which occurs in liquids or gases by the flows of the substance itself. This is the basic principle of the convector's operation. But depending on how this convection occurs, naturally or forcibly, these devices are of 2 types.

Floor convectors with and without fan

So, in convectors with natural convection, air movement occurs due to the temperature difference, therefore such a device works completely without noise. Cold air descends, enters the device and naturally heats up in a copper-aluminum heat exchanger, after which it rises and heats the room. Such devices are ideal for rooms with panoramic glazing or low window sills. The thermal power of such convectors directly depends on their size, but heat rooms with an area of ​​more than 10 sq.м. they are not capable.

In convectors with forced convection, air movement occurs due to the mechanical assistance of a tangential fan. Therefore, they have more power and heating is many times faster. This type of convector is perfect for heating large French windows and preventing condensation from appearing on them, and are also capable of heating rooms over 10 sq.м.

Where are floor convectors used?

Convectors are used in rooms with panoramic windows. It can be an apartment, a cottage, an office, or a shop - in general, the list goes on and on. After all, solid glazing is a trend in the world of design and construction. Therefore, the main task of these devices is to cut off cold air from the windows and prevent the formation of condensation, while maintaining the aesthetics of the room. It is worth noting that if the room has a very large area, then it is worth thinking about an integrated heating system, because floor convectors are excellent, but not ideal.

Convectors with and without fan