What does the floor convector consist of?

What does the floor convector consist of?

The floor convector consists of a body, which is supplied as standard in powder-coated galvanized steel. It already has holes for direct and side connection, it remains only to pull out these plugs, and adjusting bolts so that you can level the case.

The heart of the convector is a copper-aluminum heat exchanger with 1/2" or 3/4" female thread for more power. Flexible hoses and taps are used to connect to pipes. As a rule, installers complete the connection themselves during installation, but often they can be purchased together with the convector.

Forced convection models use 24V tangential fans. The rotation speed of its blades is 1800 rpm, and the power consumption is 10 watts. These are 3-speed fans whose power can be controlled by a thermostat.

A feature of such models is the need for additional equipment. So, because of the use of low voltage fans, an AC transformer is needed. Its task is to make 24V from ordinary 220V. In addition, you need a thermostat, which, based on your settings, monitors the temperature in the room and regulates the operation of the fans and the supply of the coolant. Therefore, the cost of such convectors is much higher in comparison with models with natural convection.

The final element of this whole appliance is the decorative roll-up grille, which can be made of oak or aluminum. Standard colors for them are natural wood for oak lattice and satin for metal lattice. If such colors do not suit you, then it is possible to paint them in any color according to the presented palettes for painting oak and aluminum.

In general, models with and without a fan differ in power: the former are on average 3 times stronger. Accordingly, the price for them is higher. Therefore, if you are faced with the task of simply heating your windows, then convectors without a fan will be able to cope with this. But then you need additional heating for the room. If your resources allow you to install a convector with a fan, then you will kill two birds with one stone: and cut off the cold air from the window, and heat the room.