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The Herz-Design thermostatic head serves as a direct-acting room temperature controller.

The thermal head is located in an accessible place so that ambient air can freely flow to the sensor. The change in fluid volume in the sensor is transmitted through the capillary tube to the bellows located in the valve head. The bellows, in turn, acts on the thermostat valve. The system is insured against overheating up to 60°С by means of a compensating spring.

The Herz-Design thermostatic head with remote control consists of a thermostatic head with a liquid sensor, a capillary tube and a nozzle. Suitable for mounting on all Herz thermostatic valves.

The setting positions on the handwheel scale correspond to the following temperatures:


Positions of the Herz-Design thermal head:

  • turning the handwheel counterclockwise increases the room temperature, clockwise decreases it;
  • position ""pic"" corresponds to a comfortable room temperature of 20°C and saves energy and heat;
  • in the "*" position, the valve opens automatically at an ambient temperature of approx. 9°C and protects the system from freezing;
  • after the end of the heating season, fully open the thermostatic head by turning the handwheel counterclockwise to the stop in order to prevent clogging of the valve seat.
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