Про інтернет-магазин Fancoil Shop Innovation

Over the years, Fancoil has become a market leader in floor convectors. This was made possible by innovative work, which has resulted in more than 50 patents for the development of floor convectors. We pay attention not only to the power, stylish appearance and quality of the heater, but also safety during its operation.

Technical perfection

The Fancoil floor convector has a special design thanks to what probability of receiving burns even at high temperature of giving of the heat carrier is excluded, and also more economical use of resources is provided. Confidence in the production allows you to guarantee 10 years of operation of the convector in a standard complete set and 50 years – in a complete set for rooms with the increased humidity.

New developments

It is nice to note that we are not standing still and developing, as evidenced by the new Fancoil 2020: convector with variable body height, convectors with a fan height of only 45 mm, our own development of almost silent fan. We are also glad that our Fancoil convectors stand out on the Ukrainian market, as they meet European quality standards, as evidenced by the certificates received.


In addition to production, we offer our customers technical support. We will tell you about the features of our product and the requirements for its installation, provide the necessary documentation and, if possible, recommend specialists who can perform installation/disassembly, connection of plumbing and electrical parts, etc.


Fancoil-Shop is one of their projects designed to facilitate our communication with you in the virtual world. Photos, diagrams, instructions, detailed descriptions – all now in one place with a clear structure, so you can intuitively find the information you need and have constant access to it. This does not preclude our personal communication with you, so in case of any questions, we will be happy to answer them in a telephone conversation.