• Rating:
  • Model:
  • Height:
    230 mm
  • Width:
    150 mm
  • Fan:
    DC 24V
  • Heat exchanger:
    2-pipe, 1/2"
  • Housing:
    galvanized steel
  • Assembling:

15,628.8 ₴

Thermal power of the FCN.F convector 150x230x1000

1000 mm1421 W2188 W
1250 mm1922 W2959 W
1500 mm2419 W3725 W
1750 mm2833 W4362 W
2000 mm3381 W5206 W
2250 mm3813 W5872 W
2500 mm4212 W6486 W

Features and applications

The FCN.F 150x230x1000 above-floor convector is mounted above the floor and is a stylish element of the premises. Such models are used where the floor screed does not allow to make a niche in it. At the same time above-floor convectors differ from in-floor only in the case which is not hidden and which consists of legs and a casing.

The FCN.F 150х230х1000 convector is equipped with the 2-pipe heat exchanger with internal diameter of a pipe 1/2", the tangential DC 24V fan for the best thermal power, and also the longitudinal decorative lattice which is included in a base complete set. according to the RAL palette is a mandatory element of the order and is free.

The optional FCN.F 150x230x1000 convector includes a voltage converter, servo and thermostat. Installation of these elements is a prerequisite for the correct operation of the entire device, and also allows you to conveniently adjust the temperature in the room.

Height 230 mm
Width 150 mm
Fan DC 24V
Heat exchanger 2-pipe, 1/2"
Housing galvanized steel
Assembling floor

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