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    Захисна решітка
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    300 mm
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4,599.1 ₴

Aluminum grille 300.1000 mm is designed for convectors, the width and length of which are respectively 300 mm and 1000 mm. The purpose of the grille is to protect the floor convector from mechanical damage and clogging, as well as to protect the user from possible injuries to the elements of the device. Also, the decorative grille hides the entire structure without damaging the interior of the room and without closing the panoramic windows.

Metal gratings are made of anodized aluminum profiles, of which the most commonly used square (№1) and T-shaped (№5), the height of which is 15 mm.

Aluminum grille profiles for Fancoil floor convectors It is recommended to use metal grilles in passable areas, as they are more durable and can withstand a weight of up to 120 kg.

The standard complete set offers a rolled lattice, however for an additional charge it is possible to make longitudinal. However, please note that this grille is not recommended for convectors longer than 3000 mm, as it makes it difficult to clean the appliance due to the need to remove it.

Transverse decorative lattice for a floor convector of Fancoil

Longitudinal decorative lattice for a floor convector of FancoilThe standard complete set provides production of a lattice in satin color (anodized aluminum). If this color doesn't suit you, you can provide your own paint or choose the RAL palette.

Width 300 mm
Material Aluminium
Type Transverse

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